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Facts and Questions


Our cookies are vanilla sugar cookies. If you are interested in other flavours, we have available Red Velvet, Gingerbread and Chocolate upon request.

General Pricing Guide

Royal Iced Cookies



Detailed (Pictured)




Fondant Cookies

Regular/Basic (Pictured)

$3.50- $4.50



Elaborate/ Character


Cookie Cakes

Per character, number, letter, or shape



Flowers and Macarons



Mini $3.00-$3.50

Regular $4.00- $5.00

Elaborate $5-00-$5.50


Cookies - Our cookies are a little fussy (but only a little bit!) They love to be kept at room temperature, and hate excessive heat!  Keep the cookies in the heat-sealed bags to ensure freshness. Once opened, consume within 24-72 hours.

Cookie Cakes - Keep refrigerated until ready to be consumed.

Cupcakes - Keep refrigerated until 1-2 hours prior to consumption.

Shelf Life

Cookies - All our cookies come in heat-sealed bags. Royal iced cookies will last up to 12 weeks, and fondant up to 8 weeks. Once opened, they will need to be consumed within 24  - 72 hours to ensure they stay tasting delicious!

Cookie Cakes - All our cookie cakes are to be refrigerated until ready to be consumed. Consumption is best within 2 days to ensure they stay tasting fresh and delicious.

Cupcakes - All our cupcakes are to be refrigerated and consumed within 4 days to ensure they stay tasting delicious.

Pick Up and deliveries

All goods are available for pick up from Cranebrook NSW only. Please contact us to confirm the time and day of pick up prior to your order. 

Postage for cookies is available upon request, and priced according to postcode. Please contact us for more information.